Sunny Weather Ramblings: Giant Pandas

The Giant Panda ExperienceEarlier this year, two Giant Pandas came to Canada.  I jus t couldn’t resist the idea of taking the kidlets to see them since they’re relatively nearby and the Toronto Zoo hasn’t had pandas since I was 9 or 10!Er Shun relaxes after showing off with a sommersaultOverall, I would say the zoo is overpriced BUT the panda exhibit is well worth the time!  Lots to learn about them before you even see them.

Da Mao lounging in the shadeWe had perfect sunny weather the day we ended up at the zoo.  So perfectly sunny that I ended up a little red and crispy around the edges — darn that sensitivity to sun AND sunscreen!  In spite of that, we had a great visit.GiraffesAnd of course, there are lots of other animals to see while you’re there.

Wait!  We're missing somebody!As tall as a penguin?  Or is he just trying to blend in?Great way to spend a day of vacation!Rhino eats the scenery


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Sunny Weather Ramblings: Butterfly Conservatory

Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory

Back in June we took a family vacation.  One of our stops was the Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory.  If you’ve never been, you should go!  And take the kidlets — it’s a perfect way to spend an afternoon!

Flying and hiding everywhere you go inside the greenhouse

The moment you walk into the greenhouse, you’ll see butterflies.  Everywhere.


It’s probably one of the most beautiful greenhouse gardens I’ve ever seen.  And hands down the best butterfly conservatory we’ve seen (and we’ve been to 3 or 4).

Turtles in the pond

There are turtles, quails and other birds, and live bugs (like cockroaches and giant African land snails) to see.

Feeding Station

Be prepared to make a few “friends” as you walk through.  With over 1000 butterflies, some are bound to land on you which is so much fun!  Unless of course, you’re the 2 year old who turns out to be completely terrified of butterflies.  Yeesh…  Yeah, here he’s holding on tight because he’s afraid one might touch him.

Taking a break to take in the view

There’s also a station where you can compare different types of chrysalis and caterpillars.  That’s where we saw this little smarty-pants drying his wings on his own name card.

Clever little guy showing off!Overall, this is definitely a great place to visit!

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Sunny Weather Ramblings: Balloon Experiment

Some people love the idea of year-round schooling and others think it’s crazy not to take a summer break.  We take breaks as we need them throughout the year and continue home schooling right through the summer.  I find that it’s just easier for us to do that.  This way there’s less of the chaos and crazy of unscheduled days.  For us it works.

Vinegar + Baking Soda + Balloon = simple, fun experimentAnyway, we’ve been continuing with a number of subjects, including the occasional science experiment.  For this one, we talked about chemical reactions and practiced documenting our observations with drawings and note taking.

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Sunny Weather Ramblings: Six Years Old

Back in June Noah turned six.Birthday excitement

We celebrated with a fuzzy green lemon slime monster cake.  And presents.  Of course.  Anna created this hand sewn felt Sheriff’s badge to gift.  She thought it up and I helped her figure out what to do to make it happen.  She did it almost entirely on her own!  So happy to see her using her sewing skills!Anna handmade this Sheriff's badge herself!

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Sunny Weather Ramblings: Retro Water Blasters

During our first real heat wave of the summer I introduced the kidlets to “Retro Water Blasters.”  You may also know them as empty dish detergent bottles.Retro Water Blasters

They had  a “blast” and keep asking when they can use the “antique water guns” again.  🙂

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Sunny Weather Ramblings: Sheep Shearing Festival

We’ve been all over the place since the weather started to get bright and sunny back in May.  Over the next couple of posts, I’ll let you in on all the fun happenings.The sheep are all waiting for their turnWe made it out to the Sheep Shearing Festival at the Agriculture and Food Museum here in Ottawa back in May.  Finally.  I’ve been meaning to take the kidlets every year for the past 3 years or so.  Shameful, I know.  I always seem to make big plans and have so much trouble with the follow-through…  *sigh*After the big hair cut

It was a lot of fun though.Loom weaving

Besides the big hair cuts for the sheep, we also got to take in some sheep dog demonstrations, try our hand at using a loom to weave the wool, and take our first peek at the new exhibit “A Piece of Cake!” that takes you from farm to table.  And we got to do it all with my sister and her gang of boys!  Lots of fun!Weaving

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How To Kill a Blog In Three Easy Steps

Step One:  Take a “short” break.

Step Two:  Do busy life things.

Step Three:  Don’t look at the blog again for 2 months.



On the plus side, I’m back (obviously) and my Mother’s Day hibiscus from the kidlets just started blooming this week.  Isn’t it pretty?

My Mother's Day Hibiscus from the kidlets

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