Sunny Weather Ramblings: My Annual Family-Free Vacation

Pretty!A few years ago, Brian started taking the kidlets camping for a weekend with his brother, their “Uncle Meatball.”  Yes, that is his nickname.  Yes, he likes it.  And yes, even other people now use that nickname for him.

Hanging with Uncle MeatballThis year’s trip took them to Algonquin Park for the first time.

Time for a hikeIt was also the first time the Small Fry was able to tag along.

200 year old tree -- Uncle Meatball is on the other side and they still can't reac all the way around!They enjoyed their weekend of swimming, hiking, and eating foods they aren’t otherwise allowed to eat (like chips, pop, “kinder-coffee,” and marshmallows).

Love their time with DaddyAnd I enjoyed my annual family-free vacation.  Sort of.  See, I went to hang out at my mom’s place.  But as it turns out, vacationing at her house can be a lot of hard work.  The first day, I worked on her flower gardens but got interrupted by a freakishly huge storm (a tornado touched down less than an hour away).

The kidlets have figured out how to make the picnic table work for themThis, of course, was followed by a mad dash to save as many of the clothes, antiques, and other yard sale items that were set out in the driveway and the yard.  And the next day was spent mainly in cleaning up the mess and working in her thrift shop.

Camping here also involved learning about loggingFortunately, I did also get to spend some time in the pool.  So it turned out to be an okay weekend, even though it was busy.  Learning about the logging history in Algonquin Park


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I'm just a home schooling mom who likes to create and who is trying to find my way through daily adventures with my family.
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