A “Short” Day

When I went to get my Small Fry dressed for the day yesterday, I realized that I had forgotten to do laundry and that the little one only owns 2 pairs of shorts so far this year.  Bit of a problem with the beautiful weather we’ve had.  Couldn’t exactly send him out in his warmest pair of cords…  Go ahead and judge me.  It won’t change my laundry procrastination ways but if it makes you feel better….. 😉   So!  I pulled out some cotton fabric I had on hand and sat down at the sewing machine.  And by lunch time he had a pair of shorts to wear.

Kickin' Back ssweats made in woven cottonThe pattern I used is a slightly modified version of the Kickin’ Back Sweats in Sewing For Boys (Figueroa and LePage).  Obviously, I’ve cut the pattern down for shorts length, but I also added a side pocket (Small Fry is obsessed with things he can pick up and stash away — even to the point of stealing mittens from a baby at a party, which we had to sheepishly return when we discovered his thievery the next day).

Happy with his new shortsFor the elastic waistband, I sewed in a double casing and used 1/4 inch wide elastic.

Vintage black bias trim, turned to the insideAnd for the bottom hem, I used some vintage black bias tape, turned to the back, for a peek of contrast.

As I said, I had that pair of shorts finished by lunch time.  So, naturally, after lunch I had to sit down and churn out Anna’s cut offs.  I had 3 pairs just sitting, waiting for me to finish up the leg hems.  At least now they’re not taking up space on the back of the couch!3 quick pairs of cut-offs, ready to continue life as shortened versions of their former denim glory

Her first pair got a pink bias trim.Some simple pink bias trim

The second pair were much simpler and just got 3 close lines of stitching so the bottoms can fray with washing (but not fray too far or badly so they look like they need to be trimmed up every few weeks).Simple stitch lines to keep fraying under control

For the third pair I serged the bottoms and pressed them to the back about 3/4 inch.  Then I simply ran a decorative scallop stitch around the bottoms in bright pink (still her favourite colour).  These were the first ones she wanted to wear.Pink decorative stitches around the hem

It may have been a day of monotony as far as my sewing projects go, but at least the music we listened to was eclectic!  We started out with Rascal Flatts, then there were two musicals (Hair Spray and Phantom of the Opera), followed by Terri Clark and then Adele.  I’m glad to see the kidlets checking out different styles of music lately — especially if it means they don’t want to listen to 80s rock all the time!

Of course, now that I had 4 pairs of shorts off my to-sew list, when we got up to get ready for the day today, Noah discovered that I still had not done laundry.  And he had no shorts left.  Back to the machine for a quick fix for his cut-offs (same method as Anna’s third pair only with a dark green square spiral stitch all the way around).  Love that new Janome!  And half an hour later we were finally ready to go.


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I'm just a home schooling mom who likes to create and who is trying to find my way through daily adventures with my family.
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