What We’ve Been Up To

I’ve been slowly working on a few projects around here.  I’ve got a sewing project (for my brother) I almost finished and then decided it wasn’t just right so I’ve scrapped it all and started over.  In the meantime, I’ve finally finished up another tiny Geranium dress in lilac gingham.Purple gingham Geranium dress (0-3 months size)

I have to say, I do like this pattern.Some bright pink buttons for the back

It’s so easy.  And I LOVE the automatic button hole function on my new Janome!  Works so much better then my last machine!!

Pink gingham Geranium now has a matching diaper coverI also finally got around to finishing up a little diaper cover to go with the last Geranium I made.  I used the Perfect Diaper Cover Tutorial and Pattern from Dana at MADE because I wanted a smaller size (since the Geranium dress is only a 0-3 months) then I could get from the Ruby’s Bloomers I’ve made before.  Maybe it was the size I was making but I had no end of grief when I set out to iron under the leg holes.  In the end I quit fighting with them and improvised with elastic thread.  I know, I know.  The tutorial says the imperfections are okay and they won’t be noticed once the elastic is in there, but I noticed.  And it bothered me.  A lot.  Maybe I’ll have better luck with this pattern if I try it with bias tape casings.  Or in a different size.  I need to try those next and see how it goes.

Yesterday I also started cutting the legs off all the kids’ pants that have blown out at the knees over the winter.  They’re going to have a lot of choice when it comes to cut-offs this summer!  Geez!  So many pants just do not survive my kids.  Anyway, I figured while I was at it, the extra denim shouldn’t be wasted so I’ve begun cutting quilt squares.  I’ve got quite the pile going.Stack of denim squares and some huge pom poms

In this picture you can also see the giant pom poms I’ve been making with this lovely soft yellow yarn (that turned out to be absolutely horrid to crochet with!).  They’re like fun, soft balls to play with!


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I'm just a home schooling mom who likes to create and who is trying to find my way through daily adventures with my family.
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2 Responses to What We’ve Been Up To

  1. christy says:

    That’s awesome Sarah! I am so jealous of the sewing – I’m finally feeling well enough to actually DO something and….now we’re into house showings and trying to find somewhere to live and gaahhhhh.

    I hate doing casings on tiny little leg openings. So frustrating – I actually usually just sew the elastic in BEFORE doing the side seams. Way easier. I remember having that problem with a sleeveless dress I was making for Ani when she was about 3 – drove me around the bend. I finally jacked something together with bias tape if I recall correctly.

    Hope you are well – miss you.



    (P.S. Two girls; no cardiac issues; all good. YAHOO!)

    • sdevisser says:

      Yay! Two more girls! Anika must be excited about that. Glad to hear everyone’s doing well. Want to join us at the farm one day this week or next?

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