Make It With the Kidlets: Gift Wrap

There’s a birthday coming up at our house.  Someone’s leaving 35 behind, and it isn’t me.  But shhh!  You didn’t hear that from me…  😉

The kidlets bought a gift last week and hid it away so we could wrap it this week.  But first we had to make gift wrap!  So easy, and I’m sure you’ve seen this around the internet before (especially around Christmas time).

Toilet paper rolls to paint on white art paperAll you need is some plain white paper or even a roll of brown craft paper.  We used a roll of white art paper we got for a few dollars at IKEA.  You’ll also need some paint (we use washable tempera paint) and something fun to paint with.  You can make all kinds of interesting prints with random objects found around your home.  We used toilet paper rolls to make circles but you might want to try things like the bottoms of pop bottles, old combs, foam stickers, buttons, or even Q-tips.  There are tons of options!

Our finished gift wrap as it driesBasically, all you have to do is let the kidlets go to town decorating the paper.  And when it’s dry, wrap your gift.

Wrap the gift


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I'm just a home schooling mom who likes to create and who is trying to find my way through daily adventures with my family.
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