From Discarded Woman’s Skirt to Girl’s Sun Dress

In about an hour this afternoon, I went from this:Discarded woman's skirt:  size 12 Petite, navy blue, drawstring and elastic waist

To this:Happy little girl wearing her new sun dress, even though it's -15C today!

This cute little sundress was so simple!  I took a woman’s skirt (size 12 petite — a size I will never wear) and cut off the waist band.  The fabric was a nice shade of blue and it’s got eyelet lace detail all over.  It also has a lining already there to use!  No hem finishing required, either.  Perfect!Remove waist band, reuse parts of the drawstring, save the elastic for another project

Next, I sewed the main fabric to the liner, turned it right side out, pressed, and edge stitched.   Then I put in 12 rows of elastic shirring.Over-exposed to show some of the details better.  Shirring hides a multitude of crooked sewing lines!  :)

After that, I took the old drawstring and used part of it to make the shoulder straps.Finished sun dress

And the dress was ready to go!If it weren't so cold, she'd be ready to go out and play in her sun dress!

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About sdevisser

I'm just a home schooling mom who likes to create and who is trying to find my way through daily adventures with my family.
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