Musical Ride Open House and Other Things

Betcha’ thought I’d disappeared there for a few days, huh?Even the equipment can be beautiful

It’s been a busy couple of days.  Tonight I went out to see an advance screening of Oz The Great and Powerful with my sister.  Yesterday I had orchestra seats for opening night at Rock of Ages at the National Arts Centre.  It can get busy when both my sister and I are entering contests!Small Fry in the saddle

On the weekend I took the kidlets to check out the open house at the Musical Ride Centre.  We got to meet some members of the RCMP, pet the beautiful horses, and tour the facility.One fof the beautiful horses

We’ve never been before and I’ve been wanting to take the kidlets for a while so when I saw the notice for the open house we gathered our food bank donations (for admission) and the camera.  We had a great time and the kidlets even got to talk to a CBC news reporter (though they didn’t make the cut for his broadcast that night).All lined up, beautiful horses!

The kidlets climbed inside a prisoner transfer vehicle, the back seat of an OPP cruiser, and an RCMP musical ride horse trailer.Trying on police gear -- bullet proof vest

They tried on bullet-proof vests, tactical gear, and even handcuffs.Trying on tactical unit gear

They interacted with a bomb robot that stole one child’s hat and pinched Anna’s pant leg.Helpful robots

They even got to try out an obstacle course with members of the Canadian Forces.My Small Fry follows his older brother and sister (and all the other kids!) through the obstacle course

Great way to spend a Saturday!  Now we’re all looking forward to going back to see the actual musical ride this summer before they go on tour!In the tack room


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I'm just a home schooling mom who likes to create and who is trying to find my way through daily adventures with my family.
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