Completed: Pink Gingham Meets Little Geranium Dress

Little Geranium Dress in pink gingham checkI just finished my first Little Geranium Dress (pattern from Rae over at Made by Rae:  find it here).  This is the free itty bitty (size 0-3 months) pattern to try out if you’re interested in her Geranium Dress (think more instructions and more options:  sleeves, necklines, pockets, etc).  I’m not sure I’ll buy the full Geranium Dress pattern only because it doesn’t come in my daughter’s size and I already have a very similar pattern in multiple baby sizes.

And I managed to use some of that gingham check I just picked up — albeit, only an itty bitty portion of the 12+ meters I’ve got!  It’s so pretty and girly in pink gingham!  And perfect for a late spring or summertime baby.  (Note to all the ladies I know having babies in the next few months — at least one of you better have a girl!  Cause this is just too cute!)

Back detail, no-sew snaps in place of buttonsI like this pattern and it was quick and easy to do.  The whole project only took about 2-3 hours (with interruptions) and the condensed instructions aren’t a problem at all.  The only problem I had was getting my printer to print the pattern pieces to the correct scale.  In the end, I had to scale to 110% to get it right.  So make sure you check that scale before you cut anything!

Itty bitty pockets, just because they're cuteThe only changes I made were to use no-sew snaps in place of buttons and I cut the pockets on the bias so that the pattern would stand out.  I think maybe a pair of matching bloomers would be the perfect way to complete this outfit!  What do you think?


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I'm just a home schooling mom who likes to create and who is trying to find my way through daily adventures with my family.
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