Happy Family Day!

Okay, yes…  I know it was actually yesterday.  But here’s the thing — I was hanging out with my family!  We’ve had a great break over the past week and a half!  We dropped the kidlets at Camp Gramma (with perfect timing for extra snow for their outdoor playtime) so we could have a weekend to enjoy the wedding of some friends.  Then I joined the kids at Gramma’s house to just hang out.  And go thrift shopping!Anna transformed into a snow-mermaid while playing at Camp Gramma

My mom runs a thrift shop so I managed to snag some great fabric (for only $1/metre!  wow!) and her local Salvation Army thrift shop has better prices than any near me so I also picked up a really beautiful pashmina and silk scarf for only $2.

Thanks to Family Day yesterday, it was a long weekend here in Ontario (at least for everyone who doesn’t work for the Federal government) so we got to see some of Winterlude on Saturday.  And Brian took the kidlets sledding on Monday with some friends.  It was the Small Fry’s first time — and he giggled all the way down the hill!  He was still talking about it at bedtime!Welcome to Winterlude!

We’ve had a great time relaxing and taking a break from our usual home school schedule but today it was back to “normal” or something like it.  I’ve got a lot of housecleaning to catch up on but I got a good start today.  And the kids were pretty quick to jump right back into their schoolwork — which is always a good thing!  Noah even read me a short book today while I worked on baking rolls.Checking out the most recent ice sculptures at Crystal Gardens

Can’t wait to get things around here settled back into routine and sit back down at my sewing machine — I’ve got some great ideas I really want to churn out before I lose track of them!So glad to have the sun shining on us on such a COLD day!


About sdevisser

I'm just a home schooling mom who likes to create and who is trying to find my way through daily adventures with my family.
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