Completed: Boys’ “Hiding” Pants

Boys in their "hiding" pantsYep.  My boys understand that camouflage is for hiding.  Exactly what they plan on blending in with while wearing these is completely beyond me but a little boy begged for camouflage at the fabric store so when it went on clearance I snatched some up.

Levi (shirt tucked in to see the waist)For these pants I used the Treasure Pocket Pants from Sewing for Boys by Figueroa and LePage.  It’s a great pattern for a comfy pair of pants.  If you plan on making these, make sure you check the book errata for the updated pocket piece before you cut fabric (here).

Levi's size 2/3 treasure pocket pantsWaist and pocket detail on the 2/3 pairI made just a few adjustments as I went along for these pants.  For Levi, I made a size 2/3 because he needs that waist size but they were a little long so I shortened them by 2 inches and there’s still plenty of space to grow (even for a little boy who grew 1/2 inch taller in the past 2 weeks!).  After I did this I realized that the hem facing I’d cut from the pattern pieces was too small (by a whole inch) so I had to recut that.  Not sure if that was my mistake or a result of chopping off 2 inches first?

Noah's pants in a size 6/7Waist and pocket detail on the 6/7 pairFor Noah’s pants, I did the size 6/7 and they’re a little long but they’re easily folded up at the hem because of that hem facing.  I also made a mistake in reading the instructions for the waist band so I ended up changing it.  I think this way looks a little better on a larger boy (the original waist band is a little “young” for Noah I think).  What I ended up doing has a single elastic that’s 1 inch wide instead of 2 of the 1/2 inch ones.  His pants ended up a little baggy so after we shot photos I took the elastic in by about 2 inches and that helped though they’re still a little loose at the waist so after I wash them once or twice I’ll have to decide if the elastic needs further adjustment.

Noah's Treasure Pocket Pants (yep, needs the elastic taken in -- just a little baggy)Pretty happy with the pants.  They took about 2 days of sewing time to get completed.  A good intermediate sewing pattern to try out if you’ve got boys at home!

My only problem now is where to find good patterns when Noah outgrows these sizes!  He’s in the largest size included in this book and I’ve had a hard time finding patterns I actually like and could see my kids actually wearing in larger boys (and girls, too!) sizes…  If you know of any good ones for sizes 8 and up, please share!


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I'm just a home schooling mom who likes to create and who is trying to find my way through daily adventures with my family.
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