Sewing For Me: Washi Tunic Days 5 & 6

Oh my gosh!  Is my mirror REALLY that dirty?!?First, just let me say that it should not take this long to sew a Washi!  It’s such a simple process and the pattern is so well written!  I’m just slow.  Especially lately.  It seems like I’ve got millions of ideas and absolutely zero motivation to make any of them happen.  Maybe it’s that mid-winter slump — you know, when the weather is bad, you get cabin fever from being indoors so much, there’s almost no sunlight, and you just get plain depressed?  Yeah…

Washi Tunic wearable muslin is finished!But on the bright side, my Washi Tunic is finished!  Yay!

From the backThe fit is pretty good, too.  The bust fit is perfect thanks to the elastic thread shirring lines across the back.  The length is perfect for me.  Not too short so I pull it down constantly and not too long so it looks frumpy.

Love the use of the elastic thread shirring!My only fit problem is a problem with my current state of un-healthiness, not a problem with the pattern.  I have gained so much extra belly fat since I had to stop running (long story, basically I got followed by a bunch of teenagers in an iffy neighbourhood near our street who thought it would be fun to tag along yelling obscenities to the “white b**ch”).  I desperately miss that running time and, as it appears, so does my tummy!  When I make the dress version next, I’ll add just a tiny bit more space in the front (plan on adding the extra fabric in at the darts) so hopefully I won’t look preggers.

From the frontAll in all, I would really recommend this pattern!  It’s so easy to follow the instructions, there are lots of ways to customize fit and details, and the finished product is just so comfy to wear!  Love it!


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I'm just a home schooling mom who likes to create and who is trying to find my way through daily adventures with my family.
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2 Responses to Sewing For Me: Washi Tunic Days 5 & 6

  1. christy says:

    My dear Sarah, it is beautiful and YOU are beautiful. Don’t be discouraged…I’m midwinter slumping too. I’m sorry to hear about your running problem – that’s really not cool. :(. Your washi is LOVELY. I still really want to make this. Lets pretend I’m not really asking this question in my out loud voice yet but um…..could it be adjusted to work as a maternity dress/tunic? Hypothetically speaking of course. Ahem.

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