Our Week In Photos

The past week has been a busy one.  I finished up the costumes for the Christmas pageant (we had a shepherd, a sheep, and a super hero).  For Noah, I took a man’s XL red t-shirt from the thrift store and cut off the front and sleeves to get the cape shape I wanted.  I added a yellow S to the back from scraps.  Then I used a sleeve to make the hat (no sewing required) and some duct tape and hot glue to make the pop-bottle jet pack.Superhero costume and sheep costume Sheep costume cape -- Small Fry won't put it back on because it messes up his hat when he takes it off... He's S-Cape from VeggieTales (t-shirt cut into a cape) Even made his jet pack -- the hard part for me was drinking the pop!

We celebrated Christmas with my in-laws.  Our first year hosting!  With the house quiet again, the kidlets are now having lots of fun playing with things like foam gliders and a cardboard space shuttle.Assembling some foam gliders Foam gliders

We got some snow early in the week.  And we’re expecting 20-30 cm more tomorrow!Snow time fun Small Fry wants to "Shovel!  Shovel!  Shovel!"

We finished off our 2 week mini unit study on space with a taste test of astronaut “food” — pre-packaged freeze dried ice creams and strawberries from the science museum.  I also had the kids create bar charts of each type of food and how many people liked it.Space Unit Study ends with an astronaut "food"  taste test

And I made these amazingly yummy buns I found the recipe for on Pinterest.  Check it out, their pictures are far nicer than mine!  🙂Texas Road House buns


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I'm just a home schooling mom who likes to create and who is trying to find my way through daily adventures with my family.
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