Advent 2

On Sunday we celebrated the second week of Advent with a radio drama!  It’s so fun to see the kidlets enjoy something like this!  They cozy up on the couches and stare at the blank tv screen as if they’re watching a movie while they listen to the story.  So cute!Radio theatre for Advent

Earlier in the day, while the kidlets were (mostly patiently) waiting for Advent family time, we tried to keep ourselves busy with small craft projects.  The older kids decorated some paper stockings for the walls but the Small Fry isn’t quite ready for cutting and glitter glue and such just yet.  So for him, I used my cookie cutter to trace out some simple star shapes.  I cut them out for him and dotted on some glue.  Then I gave him a pile of craft pom poms and he very carefully placed each one on a dot of glue. Easy toddler pom pom craft

Plus, when he was finished, I let him have the extra pom poms to play with and that kept him busy for over an hour!  They may be hidden all over the house now, but he really likes playing with them.  Squishing them, pouring them into tea cups, poking them into the bottoms of Lego bricks, trying to make them bounce, calling them babies and putting them to bed…  Oh, and he’s been wearing his monster hat almost non-stop for days!STILL wearing his monster hat after 3 days!


About sdevisser

I'm just a home schooling mom who likes to create and who is trying to find my way through daily adventures with my family.
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