How Not To Start Your Day

Step 1:
Get up at the crack of stupid (for the uninitiated, this occurs somewhere around 4 a.m.) to take care of the boy who’s throwing up in the bathroom.  Hey!  At least he made it to the toilet this time!

Step 2:
Go back to bed and get up again less than half an hour later to repeat step one.

Step 3:
Go back to bed and have strange nightmares that wake you up 45 whole minutes before your alarm will go off.  You will not be able to go back to sleep so lay in bed and stay warm.  It just may be the nicest part of your day…

Step 4:
Get up at 7:30 when earlier-mentioned little boy is up and throwing up in the bathroom again.  Consider getting dressed for the day but quickly reject the idea.  Too much effort.  Put on the coffee instead.

Step 5:
Send husband and other 2 kids out the door to go on with the day.  Read books.

Step 6:
Brush teeth with the sick little boy.

Step 7:
Little boy will throw up.  Again.  Brush teeth with him.  Again.

Step 8:
Might as well get dressed now.  Let the little one stay in his pjs.  Also let him choose some CDs to listen to.  Of course, he’s going to break a CD case or two so you’ll also have to try to fix those.

Step 9:
Make applesauce.  Since you’re already at it, also prep some apples for the freezer for mid-winter sauce.  All the while, pay attention to the never-ending patter of conversation your sick boy is making.

Step 10:
Play a game of Battleship at the insistent begging of the sick child.  He’ll get bored after you’ve each sunk one boat (about half an hour into the game — yes, it will take this long to play.  I don’t know why, it just does).

Step 11:
Make 10 pounds of biscuit mix for the pantry (again, while listening to the endless patter of little boy conversation).  Bonus:  Now you’ve got some biscuit mix in the pantry — better make some tea biscuits for lunch!

Step 12:
Make lunch.  Don’t cave into the pleadings of the sick boy.  He says he wants to eat lunch, too.  He has already forgotten about the earlier puking sessions.  You have not.  Do not cave.  Wait for the rest of the family to get home again and feed them lunch as well.

Step 13:
Is it nap time yet???  Please?!?  Maybe we can just call it a day and all go back to bed to start again tomorrow?


About sdevisser

I'm just a home schooling mom who likes to create and who is trying to find my way through daily adventures with my family.
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