KCWC: Completed Little Heartbreaker Pants

My final day of Kids Clothes Week Challenge sewing was spent cutting and sewing this pair of Little Heartbreaker pants for Noah.

I made them in green corduroy and this time I used the size 4/5 since the 6/7 were SO large on him.

I have to say, while I love the look of these pants, I am still having trouble with making the pattern work for me.  I think my biggest trouble area is the waistband.  In particular, making the waistband stretch to fit all the way around the waist and getting the opening for the buttonhole elastic to look nice.

And when it’s finished, the waist always looks a little too “paper bag-ish” at the back if that makes any sense to anyone other than me?

Overall, these came together much faster then before and much nicer but I still need to do some tweaking for the pattern and the fit.  As you can see, the size 4/5 is clearly too short for Noah.  Also, there’s still not enough rise which means that he keeps pulling them up higher towards his waist and giving himself a massive wedgie.  The good thing is he loves them and has requested a matching vest like I made for Levi.  That’s currently a work in progress.  When I started cutting, I realized I only had girlie fabrics left in my stash to line it with — a definite no-go…

I like this pattern and the Sewing for Boys book, but is anyone else out there finding trouble with the sizing of patterns from this collection?  I’ve been trying to fit both my boys in different things and having trouble.  I expect this with Noah since he’s been 95th percentile and higher in every category since birth.  So to find him fitting a size 4/5 (except leg length) instead of his usual 6 and 6x is strange to me.  And my Small Fry has been at the 50th percentile on everything all along — except maybe that one time when he got to be 57th percentile for height (but I think that was the day he was squirming for the nurse who measured him).  I keep expecting him to easily fit into every pattern since he is so “average.”  Alas, we keep finding a lack of rise for him, too and also have to move him down a size.  And yet all the patterns seem to have so much width to them!  Is it just me??


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I'm just a home schooling mom who likes to create and who is trying to find my way through daily adventures with my family.
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