KCWC: Completed Vest and Pants

I got a late start on Elsie Marley’s Kids Clothes Week Challenge because of Thanksgiving but I’ve definitely caught up.  My first two completed projects are items for the Small Fry.

First I took the Out-On-The-Town Jacket from Sewing for Boys and made it into a vest.  Since I had so much trouble with the sizes sewing from this book before, I made sure to measure the Small Fry again before starting out.  He is firmly in their 18 month size even though he turned 2 a while ago and is exactly the average size for boys his age.  That said, I should have made the vest from the next size up because it is a little snug in a 12-18 month.

The second project finished was the Treasure Pocket Pants, also from Sewing for Boys.  I made the 18 month size and they fit him perfectly.  I used solid brown corduroy from Value Village and left out the contrast pieces because I didn’t want to go too cutesy for this particular pair of pant.  I had a few problems with the side panels and pockets (if you plan on making a pair of these, check out the errata for the book here).  But I mostly overcame the problems — with the exception that for some odd reason I just had extreme difficulty with the elastic in the left hand pocket.  I sewed it in place, it detached.  I sewed it in place again and it unraveled excessively and detached.  I sewed it in place again and thought it would be good.  Levi tried on the pants and right off shoved his hand into the pocket and detached the elastic again so I still have to make a fix for that.  But all in all, I am happy with this pair of pants.  Would definitely make them again!



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I'm just a home schooling mom who likes to create and who is trying to find my way through daily adventures with my family.
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