Boys and Their Pants

Remember when I first got hold of the book Sewing for Boys by Figueroa and LePage?  (Here and here.)  There are a few projects I was very excited to sew and I immediately set out tracing the patterns in the sizes I needed for a few things.

First, I tried the Let’s Go Fishing Hat and it was a success.  The size was good, the fit was right.  And I still love them.  Small Fry wears his almost every time he goes out.  He threw a fit in Canadian Tire last week because it was raining and I didn’t give him time to grab his “hat!  hat! hat!” to protect his “head-sob-head!!” before the dash from the van to the store.

Then I tried the Easy Linen Shirt.  Success again.  The size was much bigger than anticipated for both boys so I’ll need to trace out the smaller sizes for next time.  And the fit is nice and loose so I just need to adjust how far the open neckline comes down (wide open to the middle of the chest just isn’t working for us).  But mostly, this one was success.

Last week I tried my hands at the Little Heart Breaker Pants.  They’re so cute!  I just couldn’t resist trying the pattern out!  I pulled out some extra linen-look fabric I had stashed.  I found the perfect orange thread to contrast the black fabric.  I started sewing…  and I got frustrated.  I may have made a mistake when I traced the pattern (I need to pull out the book and take a second look) but I got some weird wonky-ness going on at the waist band when I tried to match the front and back.  Then I had mismatched leg lengths.  And when I was so close to finished I could actually picture the boy wearing them, I held the size 6/7 pants I was sewing up next to a pair of his current 6x pants.  Uh-oh!  Panic that these pants are going to be 2-3 sizes too big!  Okay, I can deal with that.  Wide is okay.  We’ll just cinch up the buttonhole elastic in the waistband for that.  Length?  Well, I can shorten them before sewing on the cuff.  Then I made the mistake of not paying enough attention and cutting off too much…  Boo!  Things were going bad quickly at this point.  When I finally just pulled together a finished product my fears were realized — way too wide, I shortened way too much, and there appears to be no bum…

Okay, so obviously I made some mistakes here.  Time to “move on” and “try, try again” and “suck it up, princess!”  So I started to work on a pair in the Small Fry’s size next.  Maybe I’d done a better job tracing and cutting my pattern pieces.  But will the size 2/3 still be way too large for my 2 year old who wears size 2 all the time???  Okay, managed to overcome the weird, wonky-ness at the waist band…  sort of…  But there’s that mismatched leg length again and it’s worse this time!  What am I doing wrong there??  I couldn’t figure it out so I just whipped out the rotary cutter and evened things out.  My finished product finally makes an appearance (a mere and impressive 4 hours after beginning to cut fabric mind you) and what have I got?  Well, still way too wide, I didn’t shorten this time at all so still way too long, and there appears to be no bum…  Hmmm…  I will say that they are extremely cute and the Small Fry loved them so much he refused to let me take any more pictures because he had to wear them.  And never take them off.  Ever.  And go away, mom, I’m busy playing now!

Guess I’ll have to pull out the patterns and get back to tracing a smaller size.  This time I’ll have to be more careful how I do that and see if I can get better results.


About sdevisser

I'm just a home schooling mom who likes to create and who is trying to find my way through daily adventures with my family.
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2 Responses to Boys and Their Pants

  1. char says:

    even if they aren’t up to your usual level of quality mom made product, I still love them… I guess it helps that Levi is so gorgeously cute, I could eat him!! on another note, a mom on a local swap and buy group is selling purses much like you have made for yourself and your sister and selling them for $25 each… just a thought.

    • sdevisser says:

      aww! Thanks! I think he’s pretty darn cute, too! 🙂
      I can’t sell the Phoebe purses because I don’t have the rights to the pattern. I’ve been working here and there on a design of my own though and that would be something I could sell…

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