Plumbing Woes

One of the few good points to renting a home is that when something goes really wrong with the plumbing and you end up with this in your dining room:someone else is footing the bill to have everything corrected.  The drawback, of course, is that you’re stuck waiting for that person to make arrangements for said repairs…  Oh well!

Since plumbing has been on my mind (and dripping from my 2nd floor bathroom) a lot lately, I thought I’d post about something I found recently that our city provides.  This is a Residential Indoor Water Efficiency Kit.  The kit includes an efficient shower head, a bathroom and kitchen aerator, a toilet leak test kit, an information booklet on water conservation at home, a Toilet Tank Bank and it’s all packaged in a flow meter bag.

The flow meter bag is used to test efficiency at each tap or shower head.  You use it to cover the tap and let the water flow for 5 seconds then compare to the markings on the bag.  When you replace something like your shower head with a more efficient model and retest, you’ll see how much water you’re saving.

The Toilet Tank Bank is a small “bladder” that you fill with water and then hang on the inside of your toilet tank.  It displaces water so that each flush uses less water.  If you can’t find one of these kits, an empty 2L pop bottle will also work (but I recommend you remove the labels first).

The toilet leak test kit is a dye tablet that you drop into the toilet tank.  After waiting 20-30 minutes if you see colour in the toilet bowl water, you have a slow leak and probably want to talk to the guys at your local hardware/home building supplies store about what parts to replace.  If you can’t find these tablets, you can also use a few drops of water-based food colouring or a cup of cold coffee or tea (that’s why I put a tea bag in the photo) to run the same test.  When I tried this out at our house, there was a definite leak in the toilet.  We just didn’t realize how bad it was until we had leaks coming through the ceiling below (though that was a combination of problems with the toilet and the tub).

If you live in Ottawa, you can find this kit from the city here or pick one up at any client service centre.

We also conserve water at home by using the water from the dehumidifier to help fill the washing machine (our biggest water gulper — always so much laundry to do!!!).  What do you do to save water?


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