From “Gross!” to “So, that’s what that thing is supposed to look like!”

WARNING:  Content of this post may offend (your sense of cleanliness) due to the extremely high level of Ew!  Gross!  and Oh!  That’s disgusting!  Consider yourself warned.

I have been incredibly grossed out by one thing in my kitchen since we moved in.  Have you ever taken a look at the range hood over your stove top?  I know, you’re thinking, “Sure!  I see that everyday.  It’s right there in front of me when I cook!”  Well, have you ever ventured to peek underneath it?  You know, the part that’s right above your food?  If not, prepare yourself.  It may not be what you expect…  Especially if you rent your home like I do.

This is something that has bothered me since we moved in — in fact it bothered me at our last house, too.  But there I was fortunate and the rental company replaced it for us with something new and more efficient.  No such luck this time around.  And this thing is GROSS!Now, I don’t want you to think that this is dirt built up because I don’t clean often or well enough.  I like to keep my oven and stove top very clean and even wipe the dust off regularly.  And I have tried everything on this range hood!  Even my beloved Magic Erasers are no match for this greasy mess.  Something’s gotta’ work — right?

I decided to look through suggestions on Pinterest and didn’t have much luck but I did read about this boiling water and baking soda method for cleaning the filter.  So I thought, “Why not?  Hey!  It’s a start.”So out that sucker came.  I got out my biggest pot and filled it just over half way and set it to boiling.  Then I measured out a generous 1/2 cup of baking soda.  Once the water’s boiling, pour in the baking soda slowly (it will fizz — LOTS).  Then in goes the filter and on goes the timer for 10 minutes.When the timer went off, I turned the filter over and reset the timer.When the timer went off again, I pulled out the filter with my tongs and rinsed it really well with hot water.  Look how nice it looks now!  Now I just need to find a good way to clean the rest of that hood!  Any suggestions?


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I'm just a home schooling mom who likes to create and who is trying to find my way through daily adventures with my family.
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