Upper Canada Village Field Trip 2012

Just last week, we joined in the annual field trip to Upper Canada Village with our home school group again this year.  And this year, Brian took off work the night before so he could enjoy the trip with us!  We weren’t sure how the day would go when Noah forced himself to throw up on the way there (why?!  why do kids have to do that sort of thing???) but we had perfect weather (after a week of rain!) and some good friends to spend the day with.  Definitely a trip we would repeat — maybe another visit or two and I’ll finally have seen the whole place!  🙂

You’ll often see staff in period costumes walking or riding around the village as they go about daily chores and work.

We were able to walk into a few of the kitchen gardens to see what was being grown and what was about to be harvested.

Chatting with the Tin Maker who hand made almost everything in this shop.

Beautiful tinware at the Tin Maker’s home.

We watched some ducks and geese while we waited to ride the Tow Scow (like a ferry pulled along a small canal by a workhorse).

Some boots hanging up at the Shoe Maker’s home

Waiting with friends to ride the horse-drawn wagon.








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