Like Mama, Like Daughter

Anna really takes after me in a few things — like her insatiable need to read.  And, as it turns out, enter contests.  She was very excited when she found out our library branch was giving the kids ballots to enter a draw every time they bring in their list of books read for the TD Summer Reading program.  We’ve been going once or twice a week all summer as a result.  I think the librarian told my kidlets that they’re some of the biggest contributors this summer — maybe that has something to do with regularly coming in with a list of 78 books read…?  Last week Anna found out that she’d won one of the weekly draws so we went to pick up her gift basket.  She’s already used her gift certificate for the Friends of the Ottawa Library Used Book Sale to get started on more books for next week’s list!  🙂

If the kids at our library branch read a total of 5000 books this summer, the library staff have agreed to dress up in costumes for a week (last year, one was a gorilla and another was a giant banana!) so we’re pretty excited at our house to see what happens when the goal is met!


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I'm just a home schooling mom who likes to create and who is trying to find my way through daily adventures with my family.
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4 Responses to Like Mama, Like Daughter

  1. Danielle W says:

    What a great program at your local library! Elijah reminds me a lot of Anna, and apparently you and I – he LOVES to read. He would rather read than play with any toy out there. This summer we’ve been taking the boys to the library at least once a week too. It started because it’s so bloody hot outside here in South Louisiana to make it to the parks as often as we’d (ahem, HE’D, like). But it’s proven to be a great outing each time. He’s happy as a clam and Charlie nestles to my chest in the BOBA baby carrier. I hope when they get older they can participate in programs like the one your kids do. How fun would it be to see your librarians dressed up as a gorilla!

    • sdevisser says:

      Anna would do nothing but read if we let her get away with it. 🙂
      We LOVE to go to the library — we used to go for story time but we’ve decided over the past year that the story time at the Aviation museum is better than what’s offered at our library branch so we do that weekly and another day we do a weekly visit to switch books. Most weeks I walk out lugging at least 20-25 kids’ books.
      We also go in the summer to get out of the heat though I know it’s not nearly as hot here as it can be in Louisiana — I remember what summers are like in Albuquerque so I understand! Maybe you should check to see if your library runs a similar program — ours lets kids have books read to them if they can’t read on their own yet so even Levi “fills in” a record sheet.

      • Danielle W says:

        That’s a great idea Sarah. I bet they do have a similar program. We used to go to Story time with Eli, but I find it is so hard right now. It’s right before his bedtime and he’s a little afraid of kids since his cousin used to hurt him as a baby he hasn’t gotten over it. He’s made progress but going is always touch and go. Though we should try it again to see. The last time we went was a success. That’s cool that the Aviation Museum has a story time! We hope to move to the Watertown/Syracuse area next summer and I’m hoping they have lots of things like this for the boys.

      • sdevisser says:

        We don’t do the story times that are in the evening either — mornings always work better for us. You might be moving closer?! Yay! I go to Watertown pretty regularly — we’d actually get to see you more! 🙂 Is there a job that might be prompting the move?

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