A Phoebe for Faith

I told my sister, Faith, that I would sew her a purse for her birthday in May.  Last year.  Yep, almost 15 months ago.  Can we say “procrastination” anyone?

Well, last fall I was wandering around admiring the calico selection (so beautifully arranged by colour!) at a Jo-Ann Fabrics and one fabric caught my eye.  It seemed to be calling out to me — I’m certain it was saying that I needed to buy some and use it to make something for my sister, Faith!  So of course I caved and bought a yard.

Since then I’ve been searching for a purse pattern that I thought my sister would like and that I actually wanted to sew.  I bookmarked lots of possibilities to come back to look a second time at but the only one I really saw the fabric working with was the Phoebe Bag by Rebeka Lambert.  Check out her blog Artsy-Crafty Babe here.  The Phoebe Bag is a free pattern and it’s a great little purse.  I think I may need to make myself one of these, too!

I made a few changes to the original pattern as I went along.  First off, the pattern is written using quilting cotton and interfacing.  I wanted something a little sturdier for the outer fabric so I went with a denim look home decor weight fabric that was in my stash and used quilting cotton for the lining.  No interfacing necessary for the body of the bag.  I did interface the tab just so I could reinforce the area around the magnetic snap, though.  I added an extra pocket and sewed lines down each to split them into multiple pockets.  On one side, there are two pocket openings and on the other there is space for two pens as well as two pocket openings.  Besides that, I opted to baste the strap and the tab in place before sewing the bag body together instead of pinning simply because I kept stabbing myself with pins.  A project just isn’t the same once you bleed on it!  😉  The other change I made was to run some extra lines of stitches along the strap, just to give it a little bit more stability.

Overall, this is a very well-written pattern.  It’s easy to understand and follow.  I would definitely recommend it for a confident beginner.  And while it’s a slightly smaller purse then I would normally carry myself, it really is a very cute little bag!


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I'm just a home schooling mom who likes to create and who is trying to find my way through daily adventures with my family.
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