Birthday Surprise

Last Friday I woke up to a really creative little surprise that Brian and the kidlets had worked on.

If You Give a Mommy a Coffee

If you give a mommy a coffee then she may want to go for a drive

And if she goes for a drive she may need to buy gas. If a mommy has a coffee and a full tank of gas she may go for a long drive.

If she goes for a long drive she may cross a very long bridge. She may even need a passport.

She’ll also have to pay a toll. If she’s crossed the border then maybe she’ll want to do some shopping.

If a mommy does some shopping she’ll need a little spending money. After shopping she’ll probably be a little hungry.

If a mommy is a little hungry then maybe so are her kids. They will need to find a place for dinner.

And if mommy wants dinner across a border she will probably want to go to a Cracker Barrel.

And if mommy goes to Cracker Barrel she might order a coffee. Probably not though. But Daddy will.

If you’re wondering:  Yes, I did go to the fabric store.  And we thoroughly enjoyed our little trip together!  I love doing little things like this with the whole family!  🙂



About sdevisser

I'm just a home schooling mom who likes to create and who is trying to find my way through daily adventures with my family.
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2 Responses to Birthday Surprise

  1. Danielle W says:

    Sarah this is incredibly sweet and totally reminds me of something Joey and I would do for each lol. Glad you had a great Birthday, I was thinking of you! Tell Brian and the kids I say hi 🙂

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