Pinned It, Tried It: Vinyl Record Bowls

About 2 months ago, I pinned this for making old vinyl records into bowls.  I like the vintage artsy look of them so I thought I’d go ahead and give it a try.

When I was at my mom’s this weekend, she was selling records at her yard sale so I snagged a few.  When I told her what I planned on using them for, she laughed and said she’d made them back in high school only they’d done it in science class over a bunsen burner!  Guess everything old is new again eventually, right?

Picked out the smallest record to start with because it had already been damaged by the sun.  I figured that way I couldn’t really wreck it if I messed up on my first attempt.The only real problem with the first one is that because the record was smaller, the bowl kind of looks more ash tray than artsy…  😦  Okay, I can deal with that.  It was surprisingly quick and easy to do and I had a small stack of records to try it out on so onto bowls #2 and #3.  The kidlets got right into watching what I was up to — they really liked watching the records melting in the oven.

In the end, I did 3 bowls in about half an hour.  I think it can safely be called a success.  If you’re planning on trying this out, keep in mind that you’ll need to work fast when you mould the melted record because the vinyl cools and hardens very quickly.  I wonder if I can paint the records before melting and moulding them next time?


About sdevisser

I'm just a home schooling mom who likes to create and who is trying to find my way through daily adventures with my family.
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