Covering The Travel Pillows

Last year we did a really long road trip (somewhere in the neighbourhood of eight or nine thousand kilometres) so we decided to buy some travel pillows to save space in our packing.  You know the ones:  they’re about half the size of a regular pillow.  But where in the world do you get a pillow case for something like that?  Well, I couldn’t figure it out so I finally set to making my own covers for these little space savers.  And just in time for our camping trip this past weekend!

Our local fabric store was having a clearance sale on spring and summer fabrics and I’d noticed some shelves of discontinued fabrics on clearance as well.  When we finished all our other errands on Thursday last week, I took all three of the kidlets into the store to pick their own favourites.  They were all excited by this but I cannot tell you just how absolutely pleased-as-punch elated Levi was — well, of course that’s after he got over the “no walking or sitting on the empty shelves” thing. 

Noah picked out the blue graffiti print, Levi went for the green woodland print, and (of course) Anna chose the pink flowers.

The pattern I made up was very simple.  You only need an 13 1/2″ strip of the fabric.  Take the strip and cut an 18″ long rectangle from one end and then split the remaining piece into 2 equal rectangles (about 12-13″ long each, depending on the selvedge).  Hem one 13 1/2″ side of each of the smaller rectangles.  With right sides together place each smaller rectangle on top of the larger one, overlapping the smaller rectangles in the middle of the larger one and matching up the 13 1/2″ ends.  Pin and stitch these two ends down.  Line up the long edges and pin and stitch.  Turn right side out and push out the corners.  You’re all ready to cover that travel pillow!

This was so easy to do that I was able to do each one start to finish in less than 20 minutes.  That is except for the 4th one I attempted (it was going to be for Brian’s travel pillow).  As it turns out, when sewing too close to midnight my brain turns into a pumpkin and I completely forget about placing right sides together so the back of that pillow case was great…  But the front was facing inside the case…  😦  Need to make some time to undo the stitches and sew that one again…


About sdevisser

I'm just a home schooling mom who likes to create and who is trying to find my way through daily adventures with my family.
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