Do It Yourself: Jeans Refashioned Into Art Apron

This week Anna went to art camp run by a friend of ours who happens to be an art teacher.  Anna had a blast!  I was surprised by just how many projects she worked on when we gathered everything together this afternoon to bring home.  While she enjoyed herself painting, drawing, creating, swimming and petting horses, donkeys, and baby bunnies, the boys and I spent time at the park and just hanging out together.Anyway, as a thank you for having Anna at art camp (and for giving her such a great experience!) I made my friend an apron to keep her clothes a little cleaner when she’s working on messier projects.

Basically, I took an old pair of Brian’s jeans that had a broken zipper and started cutting.

I cut off the legs and opened them up along the seam (leaving the flat-felled seam intact).

Next, I measured from the hem (using that as the top of the apron) down to the length I wanted (I chose 21″) and cut for both legs.  On one leg, I cut the sides down so that I had a top width of 6″ and a bottom width of about 10″ (I just eyeballed this) with the flat-felled seam basically in the centre.For the other leg, I cut the top to about 8″ and the bottom about 10″ (again, eyeballing it) and curved the corners.  Then I cut the flat-felled seam out so I had two pieces.  Next, I cut a J-shape for the arms on the outside edge of each of these (about 8″down and 3″ over — does that make sense?) and rounded the corners.I then sewed the two side pieces onto the front centre and trimmed it with store-bought bias tape that I had on hand.

For the neck strap, I cut another strip of the denim about 3-4″ wide and measured the length around my own neck (sorry, I’m not sure what the exact number would have been) so that the apron would hang comfortably on me (in hopes that it will be in a good place for my friend as well).  I trimmed this rectangle in the same bias tape and sewed it on.

For the waist ties, I took 2 pieces of fabric and cut 6″ x 45″ rectangles.  I folded these in half and sewed three sides together and made the end come to a point instead of a flat edge (just cut off the extra fabric).  I right-side-outed these, ironed them and zigzagged the ends.  Then I just sewed them on.

To finish it off, I made a rectangular pocket for the front centre and sewed it on.

Here’s the apron — finished just a little before I went to pick Anna up from camp today and take it to its new home.


About sdevisser

I'm just a home schooling mom who likes to create and who is trying to find my way through daily adventures with my family.
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