Posy Pincushions

A week or so ago I used some of my fabric scraps to make the Posy Pincushion from Tanya Whelan’s Sew What You Love:  The Easiest, Prettiest Projects Ever.  Very simple pattern, good way to use up some smaller scraps, and the hand sewing was so minimal it’s actually not tedious at all (I don’t usually like hand sewing at all!).

This project has given me an idea for a similar pincushion in a slightly larger size and looking more like a fabric “bloom” that could sit on top of a pretty painted clay pot.  Under the pin cushion there would be space to store thread spools, a small pair of snips, or a measuring tape.  The drip saucer could be used for loose thread as I sew.  It could be really pretty.  I’ll have to try this idea out sometime this month and see if I can make it work…


About sdevisser

I'm just a home schooling mom who likes to create and who is trying to find my way through daily adventures with my family.
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