Doors Open Ottawa 2012

This is the first year we’ve been able to attend the Doors Open Ottawa weekend and it was so much fun!  Here’s the basics:  two days plus about a hundred participating buildings from museums and churches to embassies, art studios, and behind the scenes Public Works buildings.  The aim is to open up architecturally and historically significant buildings to the public.  And it’s all free!  You can find more information on the event here and here.

Today, we went to check out the Robert O. Pickard Environmental Centre where waste water (from your drains, toilets, and sewers) gets treated, cleaned, and sent into the Ottawa River.  It was truly remarkable seeing some of the upgrades that have been made to the system and infrastructure in recent years!  The staff on hand to provide information and guide the tours (we took the 60 minute bus tour of the facility) seemed genuinely proud of their jobs and happy to be there to show the facility off to the public and answer questions.

It’s kind of a rainy weekend for it, but we thoroughly enjoyed this event and would completely recommend it to other families!  There are so many buildings open to see that the hard part will be deciding if you’ll go see the traffic control room, the Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind National Training Centre, or one of the many embassies.  We would definitely recommend Robert O. Pickard Environmental Centre if you’re going with younger children — there’s lots for them to see and do and even a Kid Zone with hands on activities, games, and face painting.  Whether you decide to check out the city bus garages or an art studio, we’re sure you’ll find something to enjoy with Doors Open Ottawa!


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