Toddler Chemo Hats

I have searched and searched and searched for appropriate crochet patterns for a toddler who needs a super soft, easy-wearing, goes-with-anything-without-being-overly-cutesy hat to keep his head warm while he’s got chemo going on.  Unfortunately, I haven’t found a single pattern I like!  I need to find something simple that works in a super soft natural yarn (natural is always better for chemo caps, apparently).  Any pattern suggestions are completely welcomed!

I had given up hope of finding such a pattern so I started looking at patterns to sew and I found this from Small Dream Factory:

I really want to try this pattern out but I’m new to working with knits and so I’ve been a little hesitant to try the twin needle that’s required.  I’m looking forward to trying this pattern out this month though because I really want to master that needle and because it’s almost too late to make this for my nephew.

That’s the good news!  On Friday the little guy finished his last round of in-patient chemotherapy!  Yay!  We’ve all got our fingers crossed and constant prayers going up that when the doctors do their tests later this month he’ll get the official stamp of “REMISSION.”

So while I’ve been REALLY slow trying to figure this one out, it will likely take a little while for his hair to grow back so I still want to complete this project for him.  I think the knit fabric will be lightweight enough to use through the spring but also warm enough to protect him just a little.  I love making things for my nephews and niece as much as I do for my own kidlets.  I just wish I could have figured this one out a few months ago…  Maybe I can get the hang of it and make several to donate to the children’s hospital?  Do they even do that??  I’ll have to look into that.


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2 Responses to Toddler Chemo Hats

  1. christy says:

    SO CUTE!!! Love it and you can totally do it – the double needle is dead easy and working with knits is so much fun – you will never look back, honestly. The only thing that may require some fiddling is your tension – if it’s too tight you can end up with kind of a ridge that forms between the two rows of stitching. But you will totally get this! Let me know if you need help.

    Also, I can say from experience that yes, they do take hats – they love that usually. Oliver had a red one. I still have it. That would be a fun project sometime…get a few people together for an evening and see how many we can churn out? I’m in if you think it’s a good idea!!


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