Soft Pretzel Bites

I have wanted to learn how to make soft pretzels for years so when I found the recipe here, I decided to try it as the new food of the week for the kidlets (it’s not always a new fruit or veggie…).  I found it a little hard to follow — took me a while to figure out how much butter 3 ounces was!  But, they turned out really well for my first go at it.  We’ll definitely try this one again!



About sdevisser

I'm just a home schooling mom who likes to create and who is trying to find my way through daily adventures with my family.
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2 Responses to Soft Pretzel Bites

  1. christy says:

    thanks for the tip on these Sarah! Anika and I are in the middle of making them now, and they are GREAT!!!! And I can make them dairy/egg free so wahoodle to that ;).

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