Seasonal Sewing List Is Shrinking!

Well, my list of projects to finish up before Christmas is shrinking:

6x dinner napkins
6x cocktail napkins
2x hot pads
4x fort kit sheets
4x fort kit supply carry bags
2x fort kit tote bags
1x toddler dress (McCall’s M6154)
2x Movember Baby onesies
2x bookmarks
3x fabric cuffs

My apologies for quality — I can only take photos under cover of darkness (always waiting for the kidlets to go to bed!).

I got the idea for the fort kits from Saltwater Kids here.  Mine include 2 sheets with edge ties at the corners and centre of long edges, a carry bag with a variety of clothes pins/pegs, a carry bag with rope and kitchen string, and flashlights all bundled into a flannel tote.  The edge ties I made were new to me but it’s very simple — I used an old t-shirt I have (thankfully!) shrunk out of.  Just cut the t-shirt into strips, tug the ends and the fabric curls in on itself, and sew down where you need them.

And while I was at it, I started a simple dress-up cape for the Small Fry using the front of the shirt.  It had a v-neck so all I had to do was shorten the shoulder length and stitch the two shoulders together.  I think it needs a symbol (a lightening bolt?  something!) though so it’s not officially “done” yet.  But then again, it was never officially on my to-sew list, either.

I knew I would likely be making this fabric into a cute little dress for my niece and couldn’t resist when I saw the McCall’s pattern (on sale for $2!!) on my last fabric run in the States.

And that little niece had a Movember baby brother just a short while ago.  Their dad was either doing a MoBro thing or he was making his best impersonation of a hairy 80’s tv star…  so, baby is getting his own ‘stache.  I’m doing this one the same way the Tie Shirt is done here because I’ve made several of the tie shirts for my older son and they’ve held up well (and he wears them everywhere).

And once these projects are all done, on to all my other unfinished projects — and probably a few new ones, too.  Sometimes I lack the commitment needed to see one sewing project through to completion before moving on to something new.  Okay, okay.  Usually I lack that commitment…


About sdevisser

I'm just a home schooling mom who likes to create and who is trying to find my way through daily adventures with my family.
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