Fabric Scraps Into Christmas Gifts

Dove into my (overwhelmingly large) selection of fabric scraps this past week to get a start on some girlie Christmas presents.

I made Anna two fabric bookmarks to go with the stack of books I’ve been collecting for her.  I’ve been picking them up at Salvation Army (some only 39 cents!), Value Village, and wherever I can find cheap used books.  The girl loves to read so I know that she won’t care that the bookmarks are imperfectly made.  They have hearts and flowers and pink so she’ll be happy.  And she’ll have a stack of books to distract her for at least the first day or two…




*Disclaimer:  if my sister-in-law happens to be reading, she may want to stop now to save the surprise…

I also made some cute little wrist cuffs for my niece.  These are so simple!!  Great way to use up some of the scraps and each one only takes 1/2 hour or less to make.

If you want to make these, measure the wrist you’re looking to fit and add 2 inches for the length of you fabric rectangles.  The width is up to you — I did some 2 inches plus 1 inch seam allowance and some 3 inches plus 1 inch seam allowance.  Cut 1 rectangle for outer fabric and one rectangle for inner fabric.  You may want to add decorative touches (buttons, embroidery, fabric flowers, etc) to the outer fabric rectangle before you stitch the layers together.  Lay the rectangles right sides together and stitch, beginning in the middle of one long side.  Leave a two inch opening in the stitches.  Clip excess fabric from the corners, turn right sides out, push out corners with a knitting needle (carefully!), and iron.  Now you just need to edgestitch all the way around and add a snap.  I used metal no sew snaps for most of mine, but one will be getting smaller sew on snaps next week sometime because I didn’t want the look of the snaps on that one.

Anna liked them so much that she wanted her own.  So, when she woke up the next morning, hers was waiting for her!

Maybe next I’ll make some superhero cuffs for the dress up box?


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I'm just a home schooling mom who likes to create and who is trying to find my way through daily adventures with my family.
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One Response to Fabric Scraps Into Christmas Gifts

  1. christy says:

    Love the cuffs!!! So great!!

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