Week-Long Health Project

Last week I spent some time with the kidlets learning about the Canada Food Guide and healthy eating choices.  You can get copies of the Food Guide mailed to you free from the government — as many as you want!  So if you home school, this might be a helpful place to look:  Food Guide.

We started by talking about the different kinds of foods we eat and trying to figure out what belongs in each food group.  We looked at how many Fruits and Vegetables a 6 year old girl needs versus her 34 year old daddy.  We looked at how many Grain Products a 4 year old boy needs in comparison to his 31 year old mom.  You might be surprised to see how many (or how few) of a particular food group you should be eating in a day — or for that matter, what a serving size actually is!

Next, we broke out the fliers (oh, how I love my weekly fliers!!) from the previous week.  Each day the kidlets had a food group to tackle.  They looked up how many servings of that type of food they need in a day and then cut and glued (their favourite crafting activity) that number foods that they would choose to eat.

The next thing we did was for each of the kidlets to draw me what they would choose to have for dinner one night if it was up to them.  They were very good about trying to cover all four food groups (without prompting!).  And they chose foods they love!

Anna’s meal consisted of:
hamburger, orange, tomato, green beans, asparagus, chocolate milk, and water.

Noah’s drawing included:
chicken, corn on the cob, lettuce, cereal, milk, water, and blueberries for dessert.  (Of course, you can see by his addition of cereal that this is clearly a breakfast meal!)

Since this project, we’ve been periodically playing a game to find the food group for the things we’re eating at breakfast or lunch.  And I think that not too far into the future I’ll be able to review this lesson with them and take it a little further by having them choose the groceries for a meal and (for Anna who is learning about money) figuring out how much money they need to buy the ingredients.  But that’s for another day.


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I'm just a home schooling mom who likes to create and who is trying to find my way through daily adventures with my family.
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