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Pink Lake

This morning we drove over to Gatineau Park to Pink Lake. It was a pretty overcast morning but the views were still spectacular. If you’ve never been, Pink Lake is a 2.5 km trail that is fairly easy to walk. … Continue reading

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Easy Project

Looking for an easy project?  Want to use up the cute quilter’s fat quarters you just couldn’t pass up?  Here’s an easy project that takes very little time (1-2 hours):  Cocktail Napkins! I’ve been holding onto this set of fat … Continue reading

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Overheard at Our House

“Levi!  Get out of the pantry!” “What have you gotten into?” “Get out of my onions!  I’m trying to make dinner!” *Yep, I’m the “delinquent” mom who’s taking pictures instead of putting a stop to this…  🙂

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Overheard at Our House

Noah:  “Levi’s stinky!  You should check his bum.” Me:  “What?  You’re sure he’s stinky?” Noah:  “Yes!  I mell moke.” Me:  “What?  You smell smoke?” Noah:  “Yep.  I sssssmell sssssmoke.  It must be Levi.  Who else can make that smell?”

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I’ve settled on a 2.5 km route to run (for now) that I mostly like.  The problem with my new neighbourhood is that there are almost no trails/pathways nearby.  This means I have to work with the uneven pavement on … Continue reading

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