Works in Progress

Some people dread the pile of unfinished projects in their sewing space.  I kind of like mine.  An unfinished project still has lots of potential.  I like the term “works in progress” — I’m weird that way.  And I kind of feel like I am a work in progress in many ways so I sort of relate to that pile of what my husband not so lovingly refers to as “crafting vomit.”

Some of my current works in progress include planned projects for these fabrics:

The fat quarters at the top centre are slated to become cute little cocktail napkins.  The adorable monkey pattern and the yellow check flannel will become bibs for one of several upcoming babies.  And the grey wrinkle-ease linen and the green/grey madras cotton are waiting to become a shirt-dress and slacks set for me.

I’ve also got these great fabrics in my stash I just couldn’t pass up, but I’m still looking for inspiration on what to create with them:

The pink Snoopy flannel is likely to become a gift of some sort for one of the upcoming babies if there are any girls.  I’m thinking the black and blue geometric pattern will be perfect as a wide trim on the bottom of an a-line skirt or something.  The owls were just too cute and such soft baby cord!  Maybe something for my little niece?  And I have no clear idea on the cutlery pattern.  I just liked how fun it looks!

Here’s a look at a skirt I’ve been working on for the last 3 days:

I’m almost finished this Yard-Sale Wrap skirt from Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross.  I’m half done putting on the waist band and ties and it will need to be hemmed.  I have found a major problem with the project, however.  You see this was a (selfish) project to make something for myself.  Now, I’m admittedly overweight so I measured and chose to make the largest size because, by the pattern information, I should be just in that size range.  I had misgivings from the start.  I measured me and I measured the pattern pieces and I did a little bit of math.  I was doubtful that this would work but I went ahead and started on the project anyway, partially because I wanted to learn how to do French Seams, and partially because I really like the look of the skirt (at least on the much skinnier model in the book).

Well, long story short, once the waist band was partially attached I decided to try the skirt to see…  And my misgivings were well-founded it seems because I can’t figure out how the ties can possibly reach each other well enough to work for the up to 44″ waist claims.  Not going to scrap the project but I need to decide if I just continue and finish it as is and hope for the best by way of personal weight loss and around the middle shrinkage or to remove the waist band in favour of a longer re-design.  What to do?  Looks like this one will be sitting in the nearly finished pile for a week or two while I mull it over.

At least I’ve had lots of practice on French Seams — which I really kind of like!


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I'm just a home schooling mom who likes to create and who is trying to find my way through daily adventures with my family.
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3 Responses to Works in Progress

  1. christy says:

    OH french seams are fun and beautiful. I end up not doing them much because of the serger but yes – I love the polish. I don’t know the pattern but if you want to show me sometime maybe we can brainstorm a way to get the skirt pattern working for you? Up to you! (I screw things up often enough that I have lots of tricks for fixing things now ;-P).

  2. sdevisser says:

    One of these days I’ll have to save up to get a serger but in the meantime, I’m kind of wondering why I avoided learning to French Seam for so long! I love them! Maybe next I should learn the denim jeans seams whatever it’s called… I would gladly welcome your feedback on that skirt before I finish it permanently. Want to sew together one night?

    • christy says:

      Hi, I’m a loser and didn’t check the “notify me of follow up comments” whateveritis comment. YES, I’d love to sew together some night – that would be really fun. Lets do it!

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